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Get FREE Amazon Products for Reviews

100% Free Products
Variety of Amazon Products to Test
Choose Which Products You Want to Try
We Send Funds to Purchase Upfront. No Rebates Needed
Keep the Products After Testing



Check Out What Our Testers Are Saying

"I love testing products for AMZ Testing Club because they allow me to try products I wouldn't normally purchase. I receive the funds after I select that I want to try a product. I don't have to worry if I will be reimbursed like other programs out there."

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Wanda K.

2 Years Testing

"AMZ Testing Club is so fun! I am a stay at home mom with a lot of time on my hands and they give me a fun side hobby. It is so easy, I sign up and they send me money within 1- 2 days. They do offer a unique product selection as well."


Jenna P.

3 Year Testing

"What I love most about trying products for AMZ Testing Club is the variety of products. They have introduced me to things I like that I never knew existed. The testing process is so easy, simple and straight forward.

PT testimonial photo 4.jfif

Jin Y.

6 Months Testing


Check Out The Products That
You Could Test



What Are The Benefits Of Being A Tester?

Free Products

Select which products, you’d like to try for free. Receive 100% of the funds in advance of purchase. Keep the products forever.

Minimal Effort

Our process is simple and straightforward. Select items. We send you funds upfront. You leave honest reviews/comments on the product. That’s it!



Most of our testers have been with us for years. We just want your honest reviews/comments, in whatever form you choose to send them back to us.


Product Variety

We have tons of different types of products. Everything ranging from household goods, tools, supplements, garden supplies, jewelry, make-up and so much more!

How It Works


So How Does This Work Exactly?


Fill out our quick application and get approved within 72hrs. Must have Amazon Prime.


Choose Product

Once approved, we'll send you an introductory email, followed by some deals shortly after.


Order Product

After you sign up for an item we'll send funds to you via PayPal or Venmo so you can purchase it from Amazon. Then send us your order # so we can confirm you bought it.


Try Product

Test the product and submit your honest review on how you liked it.



Once you've completed the1st item. We'll send you more items to try.


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